Terms & Conditions

We ask that you read the following Terms and Conditions prior to booking a stay at Ocean Backpackers!


You must cancel or alter your booking AT LEAST 48 hours prior to your arrival date if you are booking directly through our own website or with a staff member over the phone. If you have booked through Booking.com then you must give 7 days notice of cancellation and cancel directly through Booking.com. If we do not recieve notification that you would like to cancel within these time limits, we reserve the right to charge for the full length of your stay using the debit/credit card details given at the time of booking. We do recommend that all guests have adequate travel insurance in place, so that they can claim back the cost of their stay from their insurers, if they cannot stay due to exceptional circumstances but have not been able to furfill our Terms and Conditions of cancellation.

Group Bookings (5 or more)

Our maximum group size is 53-(48 if double beds are used as singles.) A 25% non-refundable deposit is payable at time of booking by debit/credit card or BACS. Bookings are not secured until the deposit has been received.

Invoices can be requested at the time of booking.

The FULL AMOUNT is payable FOUR weeks prior to your stay which is then non-refundable. We would consider moving the dates you have already booked if there were found to be exceptional circumstances but this is subject to availability. 

Alterations to a group booking (which is based on rooms rather than the whole hostel) must be made one week in advance or groups will be charged for no shows unless the bed spaces can be filled within this time. With exclusive booking of the hostel, it is booked on the agreement that all bed spaces will be paid for regardless of the actual number of people who arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: Some bookings may require a minimum of two nights stay e.g bank holiday. A security bond may be asked for at the time of booking to be used in the event of anti-social behaviour or damages.

Dive Groups/Fishing Trips.

Unfortunately we cannot offer dive groups/fishing trips a full refund on their booking if a cancellation is made less then a week before the booking, due to bad weather conditions. We will endeavour to fill the beds or offer a 25% refund on your booking if no beds are filled.

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